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    At Stephenson Environmental we can advise all our clients, ensuring that the most efficient and appropriate pollution control devices are used. Stephenson Environmental is a member APCEMA, part of the Australian Industry Group (AIG)  and we have strong collaborative connections with key companies in the field At Stephenson Environmental we ensuring that the most efficient and appropriate pollution control devices are used.  insert hyper link

    The Stephenson Environmental team have the skills, passion and training to deliver the results for any air quality project in any field of manufacture or mining without exaggeration;

    Our skills whether AS/NZS or USEPA or ISO or CEN  we can complete to clients demanding requirements,

     Our integrity,

    Knowledge of field 3o+ years in biz and continually learning and developing,


    Peter Stephenson was on the Standards Association of Australia subcommittee advising on the Australian standard “Preparation of Stationary Source Emission Standards and AS 4323.3 – odour – Dynamic Olfactometry”. He also was the elected Industry Representative on seven-member NSW Load Based Licensing Technical Review Panel for six years from 2000 to 2006.

    Better air quality for now and the future is a passion that Stephenson Environmental has actively contributed to, with many of our team playing active roles in voluntary community and professional organisations like CASANZ and ???? Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand. insert hyper link

    Some projects of note are:

    Ambient Dust Monitoring and Control during construction of Western Link - Melbourne - Baulderstone Hornibrook Engineering - 1996-1998

    Air Quality Management Plan and Emissions to Air Inventory for Sydney Airport - prepared for Federal Airports Corporation.

    Sydney Harbour Tunnel - portal and discharge stack dispersion studies including on-going consultation to Sydney Harbour Tunnel Co. regarding airborne emissions and dispersion of those emissions.  (1986 - 1993)

    Woodside Offshore Petroleum - North West shelf gas project, Western Australia - ambient air quality study of environs of Liquefied Natural Gas and Domestic Gas Plants on the Burrup Peninsula between Dampier and Karratha, W.A

    Workplace Air Quality Bridge Climb


    Your air, odour and noise problems are our business

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