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Air Quality Consulting Services

In the ambient air, workplace, indoors or from a specific source, large or small, we have the expertise, technology and quality systems to accurately measure, control and manage air pollutants and contaminants.  

The Stephenson Environmental team are passionate about improving air quality and, in addition to consulting to clients, members of our team have been on the NSW Load Based Licensing Technical Review Panel;  the Standards Association of Australia subcommittee advising on stationary source emission standards and dynamic olfactometry (odour); and the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand (CASANZ) committee and training group.


  • Stack and source emmission
  • CEMS RATA audits
  •  Ambient and fugitive emissions
  • Indoor air quality
  • Workplace and OHS monitoring


  • In-house NATA accredited odour laboratory
  • In-house NATA accredited gravimetric laboratory
  • We are independent and not aligned with other NATA accredited laboratories so use the best laboratories for specific analysis


  • AS/NZS
  • Australian State Specific

Control advice and Design

  • Integrated audits and troubleshooting of emissions from process to receptor
  • Pollution control technology design and suitability assessments
  • We can advise on what pollution control devices to use.

Predictive dispersion modelling


Document preparation

  • Preparation of environmental documentation for audits, impact statements, DAs, councils and state government licences

Regulations and compliance

  • Commissioning
  • Research and Development
  • Carbon and NPI assessment
  • Environment Pollution Licence compliance tests

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